I like to wander across forests and meadows, searching for landscapes that would portray both the beauty of nature and peaceful ambiance. I am a photographer and atmosphere physicist. My research was primarily concerned with climate changes. Man changes the world with his deeds: primeval habitats are now scarce, it is more and more difficult to find lands not yet polluted by power lines, buildings or other traces of human interference. Many people value their own profit more than anything else, they rarely choose solutions that protect the environment rather than their own income. If we, the society inhabiting the green planet, continue to act in that way, we will soon be forced to recreate landscapes lost decades ago on our own. I wanted to address this issue with my photos. Inside my studio, I constructed installations recreating the natural world. I attempted to show the beauty which we might not be able to show our children. Creation of one micro-world took many hours; it was hard to combine all the elements and join them together without ruining the entire work. In the same way, it will be immensely difficult for us to rebuild the ecosystems we are now slowly destroying.